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 St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (August 11, 2022) – Ocean Point Terminals (“the Company”) previously doing business as Limetree Bay Terminals, recognized 14 students during a closing ceremony for the Company’s 2022 Summer Internship program. Since the Company’s start, Ocean Point has partnered with the V.I. Department of Labor (DOL) to provide students with meaningful work experiences through the DOL’s Labor Investing for Tomorrow (LIFT) and Summer Youth Work Experience (SYWEP) programs. The Company also partners with the University of the Virgin Islands’ Process Technology program to offer student internships year-round. 

Ocean Point Terminals Vice President of Human Resources, Training and External Affairs Tarah Graham-Hodge, said during the ceremony that the internship program is one of the most important activities for the Human Resources department. “One of the responsibilities of Human Resources is to develop and find critical talent that can help us grow and sustain our organization as well as our community,” said Ms. Graham-Hodge. “Our summer internship program allowed us to provide these students with valuable work experiences, while allowing them to explore the many opportunities that exist within our industry.” 

As part of the employment process, all 14 interns were required to complete both Site Awareness and Safety Awareness 5 trainings while at the facility. The Safety Awareness 5 training is a benchmark for general safety rules, regulations and principles within the petroleum industry. During the five to eight-week internship, the students were assigned to areas aligned to their interests or field of study. They were required to complete projects and tasks that helped them to gain a better understanding of their specific department’s function within the organization. 

While at Ocean Point Terminals, the interns supported the Business Services, Finance, Health, Safety & Environmental, Human Resources, Information Technology, Maintenance Craft, Maintenance Engineering, Marine, Procurement, Security, Terminal Operations, Training and Warehouse departments. 

Ocean Point Terminals remains committed to supporting young Virgin Islanders. “We are focused on preparing our young people for the future, and I am determined to grow this organization with talent from the Virgin Islands,” added Ms. Graham-Hodge.